Professor Steven Xiaogang Wang


Ph.D. in Statistics and Certified Professional Statistician by SSC.


Please note that my previous email address is no longer used or checked due to email server migration.

Research Areas

AI/Machine Learning, Data Science, High dimensional optimization, Disease modelling and Statistical Inference.

Education Background

Postdoc in Data Science, Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2002.

Ph.D. in Statistics, University of British Columbia, 2001.

M.Sc. in Applied Statistics, University of California at Riverside.

B.Sc in Computational Mathematics, Beijing University of Technology.

Most Recent Publications 

Du, H, Riddell, B and Wang, X. (2023). A Hybrid Complex-valued Neural Network Framework with Applications to Electroencephalogram (EEG), Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. In Presss.
Lin, Y, Wang, X. and Wu, Y. (2023)..An Adaptive Multiple-Asset Portfolio Strategy with User-Specified Risk Tolerance


Bucsea, O; Rupawala, M; Shiff, L; Wang, X; Meek, J; Fitzgerald, M; Fabrizi,L; Riddell, ; Jones, L. (2022). Clinical thresholds in pain-related facial activity linked to differences in cortical networkactivation in neonates. PAIN, Accepted.
Ataei, M. and Wang, X. (2022). Theory of Lehmer Transform and Its Applications in Identifying theElectroencephalographic Signature of Major Depressive Disorder. Scientific Reports. In press.
Xu, Y., Gao, X. and Wang, X. (2022). Nonparametric Clustering of Mixed Data using Modified Chi-squared Test. Entropy.
Zana Rashidi, Kasra Ahmadi, Aijun An and Xiaogang Wang (2020). Adaptive Momentum Coefficient for Neural Network Optimization, Proceedings of the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD'20).

Lin, Y. Wang, X. and Wu, Y. (2020) A Segmented Generalized Markov Regime-Switching Model with Its Application in Financial Time Series Data.  Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. Accepted.



Earlier Publications (Most Signifiant Ones)

Yuejiao Fu, Yukun Liu, Hsiao-Hsuan Wang and Xiaogang Wang (2019). Empirical likelihood estimation inmultivariate mixture models with repeated measurements. Statistical Theory and Related Fields.

Pengjun Zhou, Ziyao, Dandan Xu, Ying Wang, Qi Bai, Yue Feng, Guifeng Su, Pengxiao Chen, Yao Wang, Huizhong Liu, Xiaogang Wang, Rong Zhang and Yifei Wang. (2019). Cepharanthine Hydrochloride Improves Cisplatin Chemotherapy and Enhances Immunity by Regulating Intestinal Microbes in Mice.  Frontier in Cellular and Infection Microbiology.

Yuejiao Fu, Yukun Liu, Hsiao-Hsuan Wang and Xiaogang Wang (2019).
Empirical likelihood estimation in multivariate mixture models with repeated measurements.  Statistical Theory and Related Fields. In Press.

Chen, L, Zhu, H. and Wang, X. (2018) Modelling Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Mosquito Abundance with Unobservable Environmental Factors. Journal of Medical Entomology. Accepted.

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